When you hear the swimming pool, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation. That is the idea that swimming pools have come to embody.  A place where you can sit and enjoy the cool environment while staring at the water. Swimming Pool also means something to your property and landscape in general. It is why pool contractors go out of their way to design excellent pools that are worth your money. One of the ways to make a swimming pool even more attractive and improve your home’s outdoor appearance is by adding a waterfall to the pool. Waterfall features are outstanding and create a spectacular sight that enhances the ambiance of your pool. Here, we look at various creative waterfall designs for a swimming pool.

Cascading Waterfall:

A waterfall design set on stones is the perfect design for this pool. The water comes in quietly in a sheet form, maintaining its constant elegant motion. The swimming pool also maintains the movement that gives it a lively feel without any sign of rush.


How better to enjoy a swimming pool atmosphere than with a waterfall and a gazebo. By constructing a poolside gazebo, the homeowner achieves something remarkable and creates a prime relaxation spot. When looking to escape from all the house noise or meditate, the gazebo is a great spot. Not only would it provide coolness, but it will also offer a rhythmic silence – a quiet punctuated by the constant and musical noise of the waterfall hitting the pool in measured quantity.

Aqua Blue Pools:

This swimming pool achieved something that is nothing short of outstanding. It combines a fountain with waterfalls. What this means is the combination of multiple sounds of water hitting the water, continually shattering the silence of the yard, but doing it in a non-threatening way that will become your new backdrop.


What a waterfall does to a swimming pool is that it transforms it completely. It could never have been truer than here. This ordinary swimming pool becomes exceptional with a simple waterfall installation. What should have been just another pool becomes unique and beautiful in its own way.

Lighted Waterfall:

There is no way to perfectly highlight the best of sheets of water dropping into the pool could not have been captured any better. By installing colorful light near the waterfall, we see the waterfall literally. It highlights the continuous movement of water from the waterfall above into the pool.


A pool in a natural environment is turned into a scenic sight with the addition of waterfalls and fountains. If a pool is all about making the most of the landscape, then a pool designed by Water Crest Pools indeed took advantage of the landscape.

Pool Waterfalls with Fire:

One waterfall might be significant enough, but this homeowner wasn’t going to take any chances. Four waterfalls are installed along the side of the pool, and with water coming in from different angles, you can rest assured that the water is as lively as it gets. What makes this even more remarkable is the firelight’s effects on each of the waterfalls, like a lamp burning.


There are countless other creative waterfall designs for the pool. If you want one for your home, just make sure you use a pool designer with experience in that part of the job.