A part of the rarely discussed construction is what to do with the trash after completing your project. Whether you are doing simple DIY work on your home or a professional contractor just finished a major construction project, one thing is sure, there would be waste that needs to be gotten rid of. You may have to dispose of so many waste materials, and one of the most crucial ones is concrete. Unlike most materials, you can’t dispose of concrete anyhow or anywhere. You have to ensure that the disposal method you use is acceptable to the relevant authorities. Here, we discuss the various ways through which you can dispose of your concrete waste and comply with applicable rules and regulations.

Rent a Bin:

If you’re handling a significant home renovation or commercial project, getting a bin to recycle your concrete is a great option. The recycling bin is a cost-effective way of getting rid of your concrete as it handles large volumes. All you have to do is rent one, load the concrete waste into it, and the bin would be removed on a set date. There are different bin sizes, and the amount you’ll pay for renting will depend heavily on that.


You can use classified ads or social media to let people know that you have concrete that you wish to dispose of. Generally, contractors and homeowners into DIY are on the lookout for concrete materials to take and refurbish to save money. If you have such a type of material, they could take it off your hand. On some occasions, they might even be willing to pay for it. However, the mere fact that someone is willing to take the concrete off your hand is enough as a win for you, and this is what you will get on most occasions.

Leave It On the Curb:

This might seem like a bad idea, but it is not. It is especially good when the concrete you want to get rid of is very small. Some people are continually looking for items they can repurpose or recycle, and if you live in an area with high traffic, this is probably a disposal method you should try out. Put it out there on the street and watch someone who needs it to pick it up.

Junk Removal Company:

You can employ a waste disposal company to get rid of your concrete. This means having to call different companies to see if they offer concrete disposal services, and once you find one, you can book them in advance and choose a date when they will come to load up the concrete and dispose of it. This saves you all the stress, and all you have to do is pay.

Contact Building Materials Suppliers:

Any company that supplies building materials may take your concrete for free. This usually happens with the larger ones, and you have to deliver it to their site.

Landscaping Companies:

Some of these companies also look for recyclable concrete to use in their project. You only have to know the kind of concrete they want and if you have it, contact them.


You can dispose of your concrete through any of these means, and if you have the time, you can dispose of it yourself. If you want a concrete contractor to just dispose of your broken concrete for you then visit www.concreteservicesdenver.com/.