Do you want to have a great time in your own backyard? Well, one way to achieve this is to have a hot tub and pool area right there behind your home. Once you have space, it is relatively easy, and you can easily enjoy a great evening or spend a hot weekend lounging in the pool at the back of your own home, no worry in the world. While creating a luxury hot tub and pool area in your backyard might seem like the stuff fantasies are made of, it is very achievable. You can have that vacation you deserve without leaving your home. Here are the tips on how to create this luxury escape without spending above your budget.

Clear The Space:

If your backyard is a rough one, this is a perfect time to clear it out and take advantage of all the space you can get. Having a spacious backyard is definitely an advantage because it means you can easily add a swimming pool, but even if you have limited space, you can still create a luxury hot tub area and have a great time in your yard. Clearing out space usually means not just weeding it clean but also leveling it out depending on the size of the area and what you are planning to do with all the space. For instance, if all you are putting on the yard is a hot tub, you may not need to clear out the entire surface area.

Install The Luxury Hot Tub:

A hot tub has a lot of physical and emotional benefits. The powerful jets massage your joints, and combined with the hot water; they gradually ease your muscles. Spending some hours in the hot tub might be all you need to get rid of the tension in your body. You should get the hot tub that works best for your family in terms of size. It is also essential for you to know the number of jets on the hot tub and their locations. Hot tubs with adjustable jet nozzles are the best as you can set them to the areas of your body you need to massage. Rotating jets further ensure you have a great time as they amplify the massage-like feeling that you get. Go for a hot tub that is functional and beautifully designed because the tub also serves an aesthetic function.

Create A Pool:

If there is still enough space, you can add a swimming pool. There are different options for your swimming pool. It could be aboveground or in-ground and can be made of concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. 

Ensure Privacy:

If your yard is an open one, you may need to build a fence. Privacy is essential when you are creating a hot tub and pool area, so ensure that privacy is possible before you even start the project: the less the neighbor can see, the better. You can plant a hedge around your property as well to reduce any exposure to the outside world.


Ensure that the hot tub is shaded, and it is so advisable to add ambient lights, plants, and deck to make the most of the scenery.